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Songtitles starting with O supposedly recorded by Elvis

Oakie boogie
Composed by Johnny Tyler
Supposedly recorded by Elvis at Sun Records, but no proof has been found.

The old rugged cross
Composed by George Bennard
Reportedly sung by The Million Dollar Quartet (Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash & Jerry Lee Lewis) on December 4, 1956.
Unfortunately there are indications the taperecorder was only switched on later!

One more day
Composed by Sid Tepper & Roy Bennett
Sung by Mickey Shaughnessy in the movie Jailhouse rock.
Elvis did not record this song.

One too many mornings
Composed by Bob Dylan
In May 1971 supposedly Elvis & Bob Dylan sang this song together. According to Bob Dylan fans, Bob Dylan at the time was on tour in the Middle East.
There is no proof Elvis recorded this song.

Only the lonely
Composed by Roy Orbison & Joe Melson
According to Roy Orbison this song was written for Elvis, however there is no proof Elvis recorded this song.

Only you (and you alone)
Composed by Buck Ram & Ande Rand
Reportedly Elvis sang this song live during his May 14, 1956 performance in LaCrosse, however no recording surfaced (yet).

O sole mio
Composed by G. Capurro & Eduardo DiCapua (1901)
Composed by Aaron Schroeder & Wally Gold (1960) into It's now or never
Elvis sang (a few lines of) this song during his December 13, 1975 midnight show in Las Vegas..
You can hear it on the unofficial CD Just pretend and concert cassettes.

Out of left field
Composed by  Dan Penn & Spooner Oldham
In July 1976 Melody Maker published and article about a fictive Elvis Presley recording session called That's the way it might have been. This is one of the songs mentioned.

Over the rainbow
Composed by E.Y. Harburg & Harold Arlen
Elvis sang one line of this song during the March 31, 1972 rehearsals.
You can hear it on the unofficial LP The complete On Tour sessions, vol. 1

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