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Songtitles starting with A supposedly recorded by Elvis (part 2)

America (the beautiful)
Lyrics 1893 by Katherine Lee Bates.
Music set to the melody of Materna, composed by Samuel Augustus Ward around 1888.
Elvis recorded this song at Graceland but the tape was erased except for a few seconds.

An angel cried
Composed by Phil Spector.
This was sent to Elvis as a demo but he gave this demo to Anita Bryant for her upcoming recording session in 1958, where she also recorded other demo's she got from Elvis:
- Paper roses (composed by Janice Tarre & Fred Spielman)
- I don't want to (composed by Janice Tarre & Fred Spielman)
- A Texan and a girl from Mexico (composed by Doc Pomus & Mort Shuman)
- Pictures (composed by Sid Tepper & Roy Bennett)
Anita Bryant gave Elvis back the demo for I don't want to in 1961.

Antwerp, here we come
Composed by Randy Starr.
One of the demo's for the movie Double trouble.
Elvis thought it sounded a lot like the traditional song Old MacDonald so Elvis decided to record Old MacDonald instead!

Any old time
Composed by Jimmie Rodgers.
A favourite song of Gladys Presley, but contrary to what has been reported, Elv is did not record this song as a surprise for his mother.

Aupres de ma blonde
Composer André Joubert, 1704 (als Le prisonier de Hollande)
Composers Sid Tepper & Roy Bennett turned this into I love only one girl.

Composers Marvin More & Bernie Wayne.
Sung by Ann-Margret in the movie Viva Las Vegas a.k.a. Love in Las Vegas.
Elvis did not record this song.

Apron strings
Composers Bryan Hyland & Aaron Schroeder.
The demo of this song was erroneously sent to Carlin Music, which is why Cliff Richard was able to record this song.
Elvis heard Cliff Richard's recording and sang it at home in Bad Nauheim, Germany, in 1959. Since this home-session was taped, it was released by RCA-Victor.

At the hop
Composed by Arthur Singer, John Medora & David White
Another home recording from Bad Nauheim.

composed by David Gates
Performed by The Stamps during Elvis' September 2, 1974 closing show.
You can hear it on the unofficial LP Kickin back.

Auld lang syne
Composed by Robert Burns, 1789.
Elvis sang this during his concerts December 31, 1975 in Pontiac, Michigan and December 31, 1976 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylviania.
The December 31, 1975 show can be heard on the unofficial LP Changing pants.
The December 31, 1976 show was released by RCA-Victor's subsidiary Follow That Dream Records.

Ave Maria
Composed by Paul Bernard & Charles Gounod, 1859.
During several concerts in 1970 at the end of I got a woman Elvis jokingly sang one line of Ave Maria.
You can hear it on the unofficial LP A dinner date with Elvis and concert cassettes.

Please note that all current CD's and CD-R's with audience recorded Elvis concerts and/or songs originate from cassette-tapes recorded by fans in the audience.

Please note that current CD's and CD-R's are taken from the original LP's or from a better source cassette-tape.
Cassette-tapes, when copied, lose on sound-quality, hence if you are the owner of a cassette-tape that has been copied 6 times and released that on an LP or CD or CD-R, the sound is probably better if you have the 2nd or 1st copy!

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