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Songtitles starting with E supposedly recorded by Elvis

Easy does it
Composed by ?
A planned title for the movie Easy come, easy go.
It is doubtful a song of this title was ever composed.

Composed by Doc Pomus & Mort Shuman.
Supposedly recorded by Elvis, but no proof has been found.

El Paso
Composed by Marty Robbins.
During a (filmed & taped) rehearsal on March 30, 1972 Elvis sang some lines of this song.
You can hear it on the unofficial CD The complete On Tour sessions, volume 1.

The end a.k.a. The end of the rainbow
Composed by Earl Grant.
According to the book Elvis and me by Priscilla Beaulieu, Elvis sang this song when they first met.
There is no proof Elvis recorded this song.

Everybody loves somebody
Composed by Irving Taylor & Ken Lane.
During the January 26, 1970 opening show Elvis introduced Dean Martin, who was in the audience, and sang one line of this song.
You can hear it on the unofficial CD Walk a mile in my shoes.

Everybody's got a baby but me
Composed by ?
Composed by Warren Miller.
Elvis received a demo of this song in 1957. There was no composer's credit.
According to reports Elvis wanted to include this song in the movie Loving you, but Paramount declined as all songs for the movie were already selected and cleared.
Elvis gave the demo to Warren Miller, who recorded it and took composer's credit. It was released in 1958 on United Artists 104

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