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Songtitles starting with J supposedly recorded by Elvis

Composed by Hank Williams
Elvis sang this song during his May 4, 1971 evening show in Lake Charles.
You can hear it on the unofficial LP Eternal Elvis and concert cassettes.

Jelly roll king
Composed by Frank Frost
Fanclub reports in 1970 mention a planned release of a Camden album called Presley featuring this song.
There is no proof Elvis recorded this song.

Jingle bells
Composed by Joseph Pierpont
During the April 1, 1975 closing show in Las Vegas, during the band introductions the orchestra played this song after Elvis introduced his manager Colonel Parker.

Jody and the kid
Composed by Kris Kristofferson
Reportedly Elvis sang (some lines of) this song live in 1970 but no proof has been found.

Jody and the kid
Composed by ?
Supposedly Elvis recorded this song in 1963 for the movie Kissin' cousins but no proof has been found.

Composed by ?
In July 1976 Melody Maker published and article about a fictive Elvis Presley recording session called That's the way it might have been. This is one of the songs mentioned.

Composed by  Rufus Thomas Jr.
Reportedly Elvis recorded this song at Sun Records but no proof has been found.

Just a closer walk with Thee
Composed by  ?
On May 27, 1958 (according to Joseph E. Tunzi's book "Sessions III") or July 4, 1958 (other sources), Elvis Presley, on leave from military duty, together with Anita Wood visited the home of Eddie Fadall.
They taped several songs just for fun. Elvis sang and played piano or guitar or just sang along with records.
You can hear it on the unofficial LP Forever young, forever beautiful.

Just pretend
Composed by Doug Flett & Guy Fletcher
Elvis sang this song live at Las Vegas, December 13, 1975 midnight show.
You can hear it on unoffical CD Just pretend and concert cassettes.

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